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While surfing the web looking for some better sights for my new Ruger MKIII 22/45 I stumbled on some things called "Nitesiters". They are 1/16" white dots that glow in the dark. For 16 bucks you get 8 dots, and a kit to aid in applying these to your existing sights, turning them into Hienie or 3 dot sights. I put 3 dots on my MKIII 22/45, 2 on my Kel-Tec and finally 2 on my '94 CB. I changed the front sight to a 1/16" bead and put the "Nitesiter" on it and changed the rear to a full buckhorn and put the "Nitesiter" on the white diamond.

After a 30 second "charge" they glow visibly useful for almost 30 minutes!!

I couldn't get a good picture in the dark but they work really good for $16!! The ONLY negative thing I could think of is that they have to be "charged". All that is, is shining a flashlight on them.

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