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Hey everyone, so with the "COLD" weather we got today in N. Ga and some interior house painting going on, I took apart my 336w for the first time after watching a youtube video (
) an Aussie guy who did a great to the point job of take down. Anyway as I took it apart I was very happy to find everything was pretty decent i.e. no burrs or really rough edges. I did find sprinklings of metal in the action but I wiped and blew them out. I took some 1200grit sand paper and just cleaned off the rough coating on the metal to metal contact parts and it helped to smooth the whole thing out. I was relieved to find no major issues. I guess the worst thing I could find was the rougher edges where the receiver and the trigger assemble mount up and it took two or three passes with the sand paper to clean it up. Also the finish whatever it is was at best "ragged" on that same section. After putting her back together it is alot smoother now and cycles better, not butter smooth but better. I'm gonna throw some lube on it tommorow when i go back to my workshop. Whew... :marchmellow:. Anyway I have my part for my scope rings coming in the next few days from optics planet and can put my scope on and take it to the range. I lost the front floating clasp part of the weaver mount a few years back. 336w.jpg :biggrin:. I'm happy.
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