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hey there fellas,

As a bit of background, the pistol is stamped Model .45 of 1989 and I bought it used off of a guy who stated up front that he had fired it quite a bit.
Upon inspection the mainspring does not have a perfect curvature. Also, the curvature has variation that would be described as torsional against that primary arc, for lack of better terms.

So, Ill be ordering a new one of those.

Now, I'm a fair hand at tinkering. And to increase the danger of such opinion of myself I have a copy of J. Kuhnhausen's shop manual for the J through N frames. So I dove into a complete disassembly and cleaning. All looked tip top and cleaned up nicely. Re-assembly went smoothly enough, though cycling of the works presented me with a puzzler. Conditioned to point the barrel downward during cycling she worked fine, but upon a level hold cylinder would rotate for one chamber then stop. All other works cycling fine. Thinking that just shooting things on the ground would'nt get I had given myself a new problem.

So upon a close reading the text rather than just relying upon the pictures, I realized that I'd failed to properly place the pins of the hand under pressure of the tension spring inside of the trigger. Glad to have gotten that squared away.

Relatedly, I have a copy of JK's vol. II shop manual for the 1911 that has dimensions and precise measurements for all of those parts, but my copyright 1990 edition of the S&W J through N frames does not have such parts dimensional details. Does anyone have a citation for such a manual if such exists?

Thanks again.
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