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Ultimate Tactical Levergun Accessory? Trijicon ACOG

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Trijicon has introduced a brand new ACOG in 7.62 x 39mm. We all know that this cartridge is ballistically similar to .30-30.

Putting an ACOG on a Tactical Marlin 336 SS set up might be cool...

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Figured that would be the man behind it ;)
gunrunner said:
Figured that would be the man behind it ;)
The person handling the weapon isn't an accessory, he/she is a necessity ;D. Otherwise, the weapon is only an inanimate object. Wouldn't an accessory just be anything that aids in the use of the weapon? Like a scope : ;)?
ACOG's are one of the finest, toughest scopes one can buy for a combat weapon. That being said, most tend to have a pretty short eye relief, with soft shooting semi 5.56s/7.62s this isn't often an issue...
For $1200 I'll pass that is over three times more than what I paid for the rifle!!!!
I have always wanted an ACOG, but never wanted to spend the money for one, albeit they are worth every penny.
I posted this here because I thought it was interesting. The cost of an ACOG is prohibitive for the type of shooting most of us do.

I've used an AR with an ACOG (Columbia, MO PD range day for citizens). Interesting sight picture. I like my Leupold standard duplexes more.
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