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Yesterday three of us hopped on our bicycles and pedaled 100 miles, mostly along the Columbia River, but with a few minor variations like 20 miles up and down along the much smaller (and currently rushing with spring runoff) Entiat River. I forgot to get our final time, but at 90 miles we were a tad over five hours into the ride. Not bad for three "old" guys. I was the youngest at 58.

Today I had court in the morning, so I missed the bicycle ride, but I hopped on the Suzuki and did almost the same ride, on the same roads. I did add a couple of hills that I managed to avoid on the bicycle... Cheatin' dog that I am! :biggrin: Somehow the hills just didn't seem like much of a big deal on the Suzuki. In fact they were fun. Only took two hours on the motorcycle. Weird eh? :hmmmm:

Coopers General Store. Cafe. Fuel pumps and Post Office. All in one building, Ardenvoir, Washington. Not a big place...

Was there both days. Once on the pedal bike yesterday, and today on the motor bike. Fun trips, both of them.

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