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I had to stalk about 500 yards and then shoot my all time long shot-73 yards to bag him. 21lbs, 1.25" spurs and 9.5" beard. I didn't have my range finder and shot him for 50 yards. When my BIL came down I got him to stand where the bird was tehn ranged it. If I had the range finder I wouldn't have shot. 60 yards is my practical limit. There was approximately 10 shots on his head.All I could see was his head and neck and about 4" of his body. I had already spooked them and a bunch of Jakes came back out of curiousity. The hen he was courting headed after them and big boy followed her. Bad mistake.

835 with Stardot .676
W-W 3 1/2" 2oz #5

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