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Trying to find year of manufacture for my 27-S

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Just got my first marlin yesterday and have not been able to fin the manufacture date - I have looked in the library on this forum but Pumps don't seem to be on any of the look-up lists. It's a 27-S .25-20. My SN# is 105XX. Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a date for this? Also, any recommendations on the best sources for ammo?

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I'd like to piggy-back on this thread - I also have a 27S that I haven't been able to come up with a mfg date for. It is #156X. It is also an octagon barrel - some things I have read about the Model 27 said the 27S had a round barrel.

Thanks for any help and thanks to Sparky's daughter for starting the thread! :D

Cedar Creek
Mine is also an octagon barrel - I think I read the same thing about round barrels. I also read that the difference between the two is the safety knob on the reciever.

Have you found a source for ammo, Cedar Creek?
Mine shoots cast handloads really well; I have also used jacketed bullets with good results, but I just think cast bullets are more gentle on the barrel of an older rifle. My rifle shoots well with a pretty stiff jolt of IMR 4227 and any bullet from 85 - 115 grains. 5 grains of Unique and a 115 grain cast bullet is also a good light load.

Factory ammo shouldn't be too hard to find, but it will be loaded pretty light due to the old black powder revolvers and Winchester '73 rifles out there. Factory ammo will be pretty high, too. I think Cabela's may carry some that is loaded for Cowboy Action Shooting.

Cedar Creek
OK - so a serial number search seems unlikely - I have been reading about landmarks - maybe this helps:

1. Marlins were drilled and tapped on the top of the receiver to accept the Hepburn sight from 1903 to 1916.

2. There are several key rollstamp markings that indicate wheN a Marlin was made. Marlin Fire-Arms Co(beginning to 1905), Marlin Firearms Co.([email protected]), or Marlin Firearms Corporation(early to mid 1920's), were all used. Of course there will always be some guns that defy this, by having later configurations, with earlier rollstamps, as part of Marlin's neverending habit of cleaning up old parts.

3. Brophy shows the 27 in both .25-20 and .32-20 calibers from 1909-1911, and the 27s from 1913-1932, in all three calibers. (.25 Stevens being the third) None made from 1918-1921.

Based on these two items as well as the relatively low serial number, I think mine must date between 1913 and 1916 - so pre WWI

Anyone with more knowledge who can verify if my notes are correct?
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My rifle is stamped Marlin Firearms Corporation and is not drilled and tapped on top of the receiver. Looks like it may have been mfg after WWI, but I wonder about the low serial #.

Cedar Creek
The following brought to you through the courtesy of: Marlin Firearms A History of the Guns and the Company That Made Them by LT. COL. WILLIAM S. BROPHY, USAR.RET.

Hope this helps fellas, if you need to get closer, hold down the Ctrl button and scroll with your mouse, one way or the other the pics will enlarge. Mr fixit

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Thanks! :D

Cedar Creek
Thanks Mr. Fixit. Bought some ammo yesterday and look forward to firing it soon.
Here are a couple of examples of 27's. Note the butt plate differences while the older one has a crescent plate and the newer one has more of a carbine type and also has the Marlin bulls eye. They are both 24" tapered octagon barrels, one in 32-20 and the other a 25-20.

Is the crescent buttplate just a sharper curve? I will post photos of mine tomorrow. No Bullseye on mine either.
Yes it is the lower picture, that is a full crescent.
hi Marvin - have you removed the buttstocks and confirmed original to rifle with matching serial number? I have a couple model 27s, and have never seen the "lighter" curve (only the deep crescent)?
Here are some photos of mine - no bullseye except on the Marble's site. Drilled receiver. Stock with what I believe is a crescent buttplate.
Sorry - having trouble posting photos
Sorry - having posting problems
More photos - now that I get it:)
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