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Buying an "off" caliber rifle is a double edge sword. On one side, there really isn't much ammuniton available for calibers from the mainstream suppliers. Then there is the fact that JM stamped Marlins are not being made anymore, and you really don't NEED a lot of ammunition for a big bore, if you are any kind of Marksman. Personally, I avoid those calibers because I don't reload (at as of right now) and I am not in favor of paying high prices for what commercial ammunition is available. There are places where a caliber is classifed as a "seasonal" product. The 35 Remington falls into the category. There is still ammuntion made for that caliber, but it is not always on dealer shelves.

From your description of how that transaction went down, it sounds like the seller knows that he is not selling a current caliber and decided to sweeten the deal for you. $500 and a free box of ammo sounds like a good compromise. If you are planning on buying it to shoot it and are not concerned about re-selling it, that will work.


Mike T.
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