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I'll try to get this forum going with a question or several.

I'm trying to pick a QRP rig for my station. Ideally I would be able to operate portable with a battery or solar panel from a NC barrier island. Hoping to be living near there soon.

Are these two about equal with ease of operation, considering the panel controls and the operating menu?

The FT817nd design is about 14+ years old now. Has the X108G used the intervening time to build a better receiver?

Neither has an internal tuner. The FT817nd has an aftermarket battery operated automatic tuner designed specifically for it, the LDG Z817 using a CAT cable. Is there a similar auto tuner for the X108G, or will just about any auto tuner work, without a CAT cable?

Finally, I see a lot more reviews and videos for the FT817nd than for the X108G. Of course the FT has been around longer, but there are quite a few more for the FT than the X108 even over the past few years. Are that many more FTs selling than X108s, even despite the significantly lower price of the X108G? Any other reasons come to mind?
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