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Trailboss for a 38-55?

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I have this over on rhe Reloading forum but no response yet. Thought I would check here too.

Does anyone have any experience with Trail Boss for 38-55? The Hodgden site lists a max of 7gr for just 911fps. There is also a formula they post on the site that figures starting loads for other cartridges not listed. Using this foumula it indicates a Starting load of 8.7grs and then work up from there.

I really like TB in my 45-70 and was wanting to try it in a 38-55 but looking for a bit more velocity than 900fps. Any thoughts?
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Not a great fit in the 38-55 IMHO. Try 2400, Unique, or Blue Dot. They've all given me good results in 1200 fps range +/- .
Call Hodgdon and talk to one of the techs.
Also not a good fit for the .40-65! Jack
Something like IMR-4759/56 might be a better fit. But with lead bullets you're almost obligated to try Unique! :D
I use 11 grains of TB shooting cowboy lever sil. Knocks rams over well, have not lost one ram, very low recoil load
krgriggs said:
I use 11 grains of TB shooting cowboy lever sil. Knocks rams over well, have not lost one ram, very low recoil load

How did you come by this load?I want to try something like this in my 38/55 cowboy.Unique is not doing it for me with .380 diameter bullets.I have some .381 diameter coming.What are you shooting in yours.I been using the 30/30 CB for most of my centerfire CLA.Sometimes If there ain't no wind I shoot my 1894 44 mag with 200 gr.cast and 10 grs. of unique (1398 FPS)at the fullsize targets.44/40ish loads.
I have had some success with both 6.5 and 7.2 grains of Trail Boss using a 250 grain plain base lazer cast silver bullet, W-W brass and W-W primers in a 336CB in 38-55.
The load that I have shot for more than 10 years is the same bullet, brass and primers and 21.0 grains of IMR 4198. I use a Redfield side mounted peep sight instead of the factory rear, and have not had any problems with elevation even at the 200 yard targets. In more than 10 years I have only lost one hit target, a turkey. I hit it on the tip of it's tail and it turned 80 degrees but did not fall off the rail. Shenandoah
I have tried alot of loads in my marlin 38-55 cowboy to use in silhouette. Trail boss with around 10. or 11.0 grains seemed to work best with my .381 bullet. But since my last comment I have came up with an even better load with 17.0 of 4759 with the same bullet which gives me a group of 1 1/2" at 200 Meters. The bullet is a 247 gr bullet that I designed my self and had the mold made. I am still waiting for my starline longer brass to see what it will do with it.
I shot the 11 grs of Trail Boss with my .380 diameter 245 gr. Oregon Trail RNFP.This seems better than Unique.Considerably better then RE-7,H4198,or IMR 4227 so far.
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