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I will be sanding the pressure points on my barrel later this week. My .308 shoots fine for hunting applications but I strive for better. When I get it all back together, and if weather permitting, we are supposed to go shoot Sunday with some different ammo I've ordered in along with other I already have. I anticipate shooting 3 shots with every brand with an ample time between groups. I will be shooting:

Federal Power-Shock SP 150gr
Remington Core-Lokt 150gr
Hornaday Superformance SST 150gr
Fiochi FMJBT 150gr
Tulammo FJM 150gr
Federal American Eagle MCBT 150gr
Remington UMC MC 150gr

I will try to post with results/reviews of each brand, perhaps with pictures. And I will be shooting from a shooting bench on a shooting rest.
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