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My next project bullet mold met lead this evening. It is a bullet that fits the specific needs of the leade, throat, and step of the 308 Marlin Express. This cartridge is very unique in fit and I have decided to market a bullet that fits.

My 165-grain TLC311-165-RF has not performed well in this cartridge and it is time to do something about it! I know it will be asked but I doubt that this bullet will meet any other application.

The ring on the bullet nose is from the bullet seating plug. My custom Lee dies where constructed with the FTX bullet immediately after the cartridge's introduction. I will need to fill the plug flat with JB Weld.

As soon as I finish up the testing on my 357 Mag bullet, the TLC359-175-RF, I will get started on this bullet. I am looking at 42.7-grains of BL-C(2) for 2470 FPS and 41.9K PSI as my initial max load. That ought to let that big meplat smack a whitetail...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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