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Sparky civil - I load for a 68 Marlin 336 that has been bored and lined as a 32-40. I shoot cast bullets sized 322. I shoot the same 180 grain bullets sized 324 in my 8x57 Mauser. I use Cowboy dies as the original set I had was a real old set made by Behr and they were more trouble than they were worth. I used 2400 powder or IMR 4198 (now H 4198) in W-W brass, using W-W primers. My rifle and a copy of the second place 2011 postal match target, are shown in the postal match posting, under the 2011 heading posted by myself.
I have no experience with a take down rifle and think the bore diameter would depend on who and when the rifle was made. Like a lot of older model rifles the bore diameter can vary quite a bit. Once the bore is slugged you will be on your way. A long journey, but like a lot of them well worth the trip. I really enjoy my 32-40 and I know you will like yours too. Best of luck. Shenandoah
Note: Tried to edit three times, can't seem to lose the smiley face. Should be H 4198.
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