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The wife car seem a clicking when I turn the heater on will throw heat some time some times cold air.The heat increase dial sometimes will work other times the heat that blows stay the same even at 70 to 90 no change I can get a little better heating if I close the fresh air into the heater box.The direction on air flow to vents work up ,down,@ defroster no problems.Heater hose to heater core are hot
I here some say the baffle door other say the Blend Door Actuator
I read some were the radio removal will let you get to the 4 bolts holding the door actuator in place ?
I read the clicking noise is a strip gear in the Actuator:eek:ther then that the car heating gauge is in the middle coolent level is o.k.
any tip or tricks will help
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What year is it lonewolf?
Possibly the bend door actuator. It's basically a giant servo like you'd find on an RC plane or car. The regular symptom is a clicking noise (internal stripped gear) at one end of the travel or another. Costs about $65 from most dealers and is a common failure in Taurus, Crown Vic, Windstar, and possibly other platforms.

The trick is getting to it. Not sure on accessibility on the Sable/Taurus platform. It *should* be directly behind the control panel. Pull the glove box and take a peek for it.

The other possibility is a bad thermostat. Might be worth changing it out to make sure.
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