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I just got this official info from Steiner (this is what was e-mailed to me).
No, I do not have firm pricing yet.
No, we are not accepting pre-orders as there are not even product #'s from Steiner yet.
Yes, we will get a delivery from Steiners first shipment once they do become available.

Steiner is pleased to announce the preliminary release on a new Tactical scope. The new T5Xi riflescope is scheduled to ship in September 2014.

The T5Xi is designed, machined, and assembled here in the US using the same glass as the M5Xi.

We recently showed these scopes at the InterMedia Roundtable and featured them at The Sniper’s Hide Cup competition this past weekend.

Prices are not set at this time but we are getting close to locking those down. When that has been finalized we will provide you with additional information.

Please review the details below to familiarize yourself.

- 3 Sizes :

o 1x-5x24mm

§ 2nd Focal Plane

§ Daylight bright illumination

§ Capped turrets

o 3x-15x50mm

§ 1st Focal Plane

§ Zero Stop

§ P/A Adjustable from 20 meters to infinity

§ Shortened significantly compared to the current M5Xi 3x-15x without optical degradation

o 5x-25x56mm

§ 1st Focal Plane

§ Zero Stop

- 2 Reticles:

o SCR (Special Competition Reticle)

§ SCR is a proprietary reticle designed by Steiner/Burris for Precision Rifle Competition use

§ This reticle was designed with a great deal of input from our competition shooters as well as some non-Steiner sponsored competition shooters with a great deal of knowledge in the field.

§ Extended illumination area


§ Currently our best selling reticle

o More reticle options in Q1 2015

- Same optical platforms as the M5Xi scopes (shortened 3-15)

- Same glass and coatings as the M5Xi scopes provided by Steiner Germany

- All US designed, machined, and built with the exception of the glass

- New lower profile turrets

o Fool proof second rotation indicator

§ Similar to the current turret system but much lower profile

o 2 turn turret with 12 mils per rotation

- Redesigned diopter

o Locking diopter focus

o Designed for use with Tenebraex lens covers which are included free

- Lower profile P/A and illumination knob

o Hard off setting between each illumination brightness setting

§ No battery drain

o User programmable illumination auto off settings

o Night vision compatible illumination

- Integrated Tenebraex lens cover adapter

- Tenebraex lens covers included as a promotional item in 2014

- Switchview throw lever included as a promotional item in 2014

- Lens cloth included

- Sunshade included

- All rubber removed from new design

So, now you know what we know.
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