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The Gun Show

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Going to the Show in Atlanta tomorrow. If I come across any "JM" X guns, I'll put the word out in case anybody's interested.
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Oh well, not a single Marlin in the place, but me and my 1 year old baby girl had a blast.
I found similar at the last 6 Raleigh gun shows - we have them here about every 2 months alternating between the DIXIE GUN AND KNIFE SHOW and the C&E GUN AND KNIFE SHOW. They are held at the NC State Fair Grounds. The only good Marlins were old collector rifles priced way up in the sky - and the 4 or 5 new levers were all REMLINS and not worth the table they were sitting on. When I brought up the bad checkering and the REP on the barrel the owner of one table asked me to "MOVE ON PLEASE" .

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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