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I'm posting this here because another member on another forum board raised the question about the Smith Enterprises Buckhorn Ladder sight. He is also a SASS member as well. So I thought I would go ahead and post the same advice and information here as well.

As I have stated in the past the current sights that come with the Wesson & Harrington 1871 Buffalo Classic 45-70 are NOT Period Correct for the design of the rifle. The important words here are Period Correct.

The current modern Williams peep sight on the rear over the receiver is not SASS or CAS legal to use in any of their matches.

Basic Rule for Long Range Side Match Competitions
Rear sights must be either open iron sights mounted on the barrel or origanal tang mounted or stock wrist mounted peep sights. Long range rear barrel mounted sights of flip up ladder type may use peep-hole drilled the sliding of the sight leaf. An example of this is the various sights used on Springfield Trapdoor Rifles.

When I had conversations with James Garrison who at that time was CEO of H&R 1871 we discussed this in length, should H&R 1871 decide to make standard sights available on future models and that would be to put Period Correct sights on both models. That SASS and CAS legal Period Correct sights be the ONLY sights available for the Buffalo Classic and Target Model. At this time no sights came with the Buffalo Classic or Target Model rifles and we discussed at length the best sights to put on both of these rifles.

Its really the pits when someone buys a Buffalo Classic or Target Model and then shows up at a SASS or CAS match only to find out that because their new pride is sporting that ugly Williams none period correct sight that they can't shoot with it.

The only options that you have for SASS matches (saw your post over there) for long range side matches:

1) Smith Enterprise Buckhorn Ladder Sight

2) 1873 Springfield Trapdoor sight w/o windage

3) 1879 Spingfield Trapdoor sight with windage

Or you can order differant period correct barrel mounted buckhorn or ladder sights including the Smith for $10.00 cheaper other Buckhorn Sights are much cheaper at Buffalo Arms Sights Before the Smith Buckhorn Ladder Sight was available with that base it now has, you would have to have a dovetail cut into the barrel and then you could use any of these other sights you see at Buffalo Arms.

Now if you can also order sights through Brownells Sights Its funny how the differant places that stock the Smith sights are cheaper than the price listed at Smith Enterprises for there own products.

All the above sights work very well with a Silver Blade sight that can be pruchased at any muzzleloader supplier for approx $6.50

As my Gunsmith told me, "Jon you have more money tied up in trying out differant sights, than the rifle is worth" Its called being resposible to the members of what we had at that time the Buffalo Classic Shooting Society and I was in charge of it. So I found out then and know NOW what will work best for sights on the Buffalo Classic. There are those that purchase the Buffalo Classic strickly for its coolness factor and never shoot a match wether it be Cowboy Action or otherwise, and they are perfectly happy with the current sights that come with the Buffalo Classic now. But if you want to shoot SASS or CAS, your gonna have to make sight changes and that is the truth of it.

I hope this helps Pards.
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