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I've been interested in rook rifles for years, and have all the other guns and calibers I'll ever use. It's time to put one together.
Keep in mind the origens and purpose of the rooks, quiet, low power guns of gamekeeprs on old english estates.
The idea:
A friend recently bought a BC for which I made up several loads to try, Nice gun , shoots well, especially with recoil reducers and Lee Shaver's tang sights.
Never to be a Sharps or a Rolling block, but a danged nice gun.
Nice lines.... would make a wonderful (and near silent) rook rifle if chambered in .38 special... good for crows and critters to maybe 75 yards with cast bullets and tang sights, be silent, no recoil dirt cheap to shoot, and just plain fun, especailly if the ejector was functional.

The challenge would be to find a replacement barrel that wouldn't break the bank.
Either bore and reline, or have one made up.
If the factory would make a limited run, I am certain there would be a niche market for this, though it may generate more interest than we think....
Ok... give your thoughts, ideas, barrel maker references...
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