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News this morning...


wash your hands, wear your mask, safe-space.......

oh yeah.....the chop-zone is still in place, a week after the governor
ordered it dismantled....and two more [black men] have been shot.
They can't blame it on the police, either....cause they still ain't allowed

so to recap-
the coronavirus is still all the rage....and
the inmates are still running the asylum.
Law and order are a mere suggestion and no
longer the rule [unless you're white/conservative]

My suggestion is-
Keep your knife sharp and buy ammo by the pallet.
Get in shape.
Bury/stash provisions around your property.
keep your gate shut and post warnings
establish communications with your neighbors [unless they are idiots]
Move out of states where insane gun laws prevail and
democrat control has been in place for decades
13281 - 13300 of 14568 Posts