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Hello everyone I am finally back home and can't wait to start loading for my 30-30. I have a couiple of questions though and am hoping that someone can help me out. Since I made up some some loads last year prior to deploying I have read that W 748 is temp sensitive I was wondering to what degree, also I am using Speer data which calls for a Magnum rifle primer which I am also using. Do I really need that magnum primer ? and will I experience high pressures with this powder in hot weather? if so what is a good alternative that some of you use that is not temp sensitive? Any and all advice is welcome thanks.

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Hey 336A,

Welcome back, and may I say thank you!

I shoot a lot of 748 and Bl-C(2), which is somewhat similar. I have seen the trend to use the magnum primer. If you do, make sure you are consistant with it and do not switch back and forth. I have less accuracy with the mag primer, and prefer the large rifle for both powders.

They are both temp., sensitive, but both obviously do well with velocity and in many cases accuracy for me. I might shoot 34gr. during Summer months (2150fps) with a 170gr. bullet, and then hunting use a 35.5gr. of the BL-C(2). Nearly the same charges for the 748. The higher dose will give me well over 2250fps with the 170gr. bullet. I think the 748 gives me about the same vel. with 36gr.

I started out using Varget, which is temp. insensitive. You would use around 33 or 34gr. max I believe. I had a bit less accuracy, and at the time, it was a tad more expensive. My gun just likes the other two more, and that is what I have stayed with. The primary concerns being fluctuations in velocity and point of aim. I have never had any of these problems, and consider this a small point. For some reason, I pay a little more attention to these this issue on my bigger calibers, although the main issues come to play with higher pressure loads and hot temperatures. Using well balanced loads, you should have no problems. A great powder I have yet to use that is temp. insensitive would be H4895. Use it in many other calibers, just not in the 30-30.

I have a 20ct. box of max loaded 748 with mag primers I don't even want to fire because of the higher pressure. I would guess it is still within limits, but accuracy is so deteriorated at this level, that I probably should just pull the bullets and start over.

I agree with DR. A. that either primer will work OK but don't switch back a forth but work up. Also W748 and other ball powders might vary a little from lot to lot.

One of my best loads with my 30/30 was 37.0grns W748 with a mag primer and a 150grn bullet but I shot these in mild or cold weather.
And I think all powders are sensitive to hot weather. Some powders shoot slower in cold weather but sometimes they still hit what you're aiming at.
You'll just have to load up a few and see what your rifle likes and welcome back.


PS: I know that factory loaded powders vary a little from what we buy but I've took apart both WW and Rem. factory loads (30-30) and both looked to have a slower lot of W748 in them. Enough to fill the case with the bullet seated. Of course that's been several years ago.
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