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Hey, :D i think it's a great time to be thinking of that big ol buck that just might be this fall. You can count me in on the challenge. Now i just have to pick which Marlin i want to use. ;D

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I encourage you all to join us in this event!!!

It doesn't matter if you're new to the forum or new to hunting!!!

I had a blast participating in this event last season, at that time our team was less than a month old!!!

Feel free to share your daily hunting experience's!!!
Last year I enjoyed reading ALL the posts from members through out the season!!!
Take the time to read through the posts and you'll see what I mean!!!

I'm a meat hunter and can only tag one deer!!!
I apply for an 'anydeer' permit!!!
I'll take what ever deer I can get!!!
It ain't easy hunting deer up here in Maine..
But, you just never know!!! A big ole' buck can cross your path at any moment!!! ;)

Heck, last year I got a nice mature buck that was missing both antlers :eek:, I posted pics of it proudly just the same!!!

Let's have a goodtime here folks!!!

I'll be using my .45/70 for most hunts, but I may decide to occasionally tote around my .30/30 or .35 rem (my first deer rifle) just for old times sake!!!
I belong to both of those teams as well ;) ;)

...Hopefully lever addict didn't go as far as to challenge Bill Jordan's 'Team Realtree' :eek: :D

I wish you all good luck!!!
Shoot straight and be safe!!! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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