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I am pretty much done with my 100 yard target loads. So far here is what I have. Some groups are only 3 shots while some groups are 20 shots. The 20 shot groups are more concreate while the 3 shot groups have more of a chance to open up with more shots. I may work on those later but for now, here are my results.

The below information is for discussion purposes only, use at own risk!
CIP estimated pressures using Quickload

Best 100 Yard Groups, Marlin 1894CB...Scoped
Target #LoadPowderManufactureBulletVelocityGroupPressureShots
19126.5RL-7Lyman427098No Chro 3/43
18226RL-7Sierra210 JSHP1,3821 3/419,4035
18028RL-7Origon Trail200gr LRNFP HC1,500221,0005
17527RL-7Hornady200 JSHP #44101,4192 1/819,2656
18110.2FactoryBuffalo Bore200gr LRNFP HC1,3362 1/415,9545
19226.8RL-7Accurate43-208ANo Chro2 3/83
18429RL-7Acme180 LRNFP Hi-Tek1,5022 1/216,00010
16116+10IMR4227Lyman427098* 1,1662 1/24
15917+5IMR4227Lazercast200gr LRNFP1,2302 5/85
16827RL-7Speer200gr GDHP1,3252 5/84
19026.8RL-7Ideal42499 HPNo Chro2 3/45
18328RL-7Acme200 LRNFP1,5563 1/817,000
183a28RL-7Acme200 LRNFP1,5563 1/817,19020
17025RL-7Accurate43-215C3 1/215,2048
177FactoryMagtech200gr LRNFP9753 1/215,9545
17927.5RL-7Winchester200gr JSP1,4363 3/416,7545
17126H4198Remington200gr JSP3 3/420,0603
17325.8IMR4198Hornady200 XTP3 3/418,7595
17223.5IMR4227Speer210gr GDHP422,1215
18624RL-7Acme240 SWC Hi-Tek1,345417,33810
18724.2RL-7Acme240 SWC Hi-Tek1,373417,33820
18826RL-7AcmeSeirra 210gr JHP1,4034 1/818,67817
18928RL-7LaserCast200gr Hard Cast1,5343 1/217,97410

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