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Got my target aperture yesterday and put on my Mountie in place of the "standard" aperture. Have not been able to go to range to shoot, but at on a rest at 25 yards in my backyard, I kept 5 shots clumped in < 1 inch using Aguila Super-Colibri LRs (you may be familiar with them: no powder, just a strong primer). Not sure if the pic can be seen, but I'll try...

Can't wait to see what my old eyes can do with this fine aperture at 50 yards with high-velocity CCIs (I feel certain I'll have to adjust elevation).

Thanks, I am enjoying this sight as well as the one on my 1894!


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Good Shooting and a Beautiful rifle... Glad you are having so much fun! I put 500 rounds through my Model 39 (the one on our banner) today just bouncing pinecones all over the forest floor. It was a beautiful day in Montana and wonderful to be outside... Found one tick... Spring may be on its way!
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