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Talked to XS Sights today

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Hey folks !

I just wanted to share a few things with you:

After having some issues with my XS Systems Lever rail in the recent past on my Marlin 1895 Guide Gun in .45-70, I picked up the phone and called XS Systems this morning.

I talked to their gunsmith, Mr Wallace, who was very knowledgable and very helpful. He advised that the XS Systems lever rail and other parts are manufactured to very strict tolerances.

He also told me that ever since Marlins were produced by Remington, there have been issues with tolerances. Not wanting to go into too much detail here, he told me that the "older" Marlins were guns where the parts were fitted together, whereas the Remington Marlins were consisting of parts put together without the proper care of fitting them.
He explained that lots of Remingtons are built the same way, and with those it might work.

The issue with my GG was that with the lever rail I could not get the scope sighted in, as my scope was running out of elevation.

That way I needed to hold over the top of the black on a std 100yd. sight-in target to get my shots in the center.

Mr Wallace also explained that it might be the issue of the scope, as some models might not have enough elevation built in. Furthermore, he offered me the possibility to send my lever rail back to XS to have them check it to see if it is out of spec.

I like it very much and I expressed that to Mr Wallace as well, that XS Systems has got those videoclips about how to mount their products on certain guns, and him taking his time to go over the issues with me on the phone.

XS Systems to me is not just a company making and marketing their products, but also providing customer support.



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Good stuff. I once called XS to ask about purchasing a threaded ghost ring that accepts Williams appertures (a non cataloged item) they sent me one for free! Very polite over the phone and gave away something I had called to purchase. Top rate company.
I've had similar excellent sercive from XS. I disassembled the rail from my SDT to bead blast and in the process buggered the hardware. I called them to purchase new hardware and they sent it to me for free despite my best efforts to pay them for it. Great company, solid products and excellent service.

Burris makes a set of scope rings that would fix most all these alignment problems. They have a plastic insert that can be changed out to correct for as much 20'' at 100 yrd. There burris's signature rings with pos-align. At 50$ there a good investment.I use them on all my scopes,because they also protect your scope from ring marks.Check them out on burris web site.
Had EXACTLY the same problem.

Here's my thread about it.,84648.0.html

After mods to the rail, all's well.

Mine is a 91 JM stamped GBL.
XS systems has great customer service. My dovetail on the front sight on the winchester timber carbine 444 was on the large side and these guys went threw all of there stock to find me one of theirs that was oversized to fit.
A company like this needs support. I've already bought a XS Lever Scout rail for my .45/70, might have to reconsier not having back-up sights on my scout rifle, and get me some of those ghost sights maybe now.
You can order the ghost ring sights from Midway or Brownells to name a few. Normally they ought to be in stock. I like them on mine.



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As I did not want to give up on the lever rail, I had another talk with Mr Wallace ( XS Systems gunsmith ) today. He told me that there was another lever rail in the mail for me, and he hopes that this one might work better. it is coming to me free of charge.

If I can get it to run with the Hi-Lux / Leatherwood scope even without cranking elevation all the way up, I'll be a happy camper.

Mr Wallace also told me that scout scopes that got variable power usually got an adjustment range of windage and elevation that is less than with a fixed power.

He is actually looking forward to the scope manufacturers developing a scout scope on a 30mm tube instead of the 1". With that, all things could be realized, such as a variable power, and even a decent adjustment range of over 60 or 70 MOA.

If that lever rail he's sending me works better, he'd like to have my "old " one in return for measurements to see if the rail is out of spec.

Mr Wallace is really trying to do everything to eliminate the problems step by step.

XS Systems is really doing well regarding customer service and taking their time on the phone to debate those issues with me.



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Sounds like a great outfit to me, and I sure do like my XS Lever Scout rail..
When I got home from work tonight there was a package sitting on the table. It was from XS Systems, containing a brand new Lever Rail. I still have not given up on the idea of putting one on my 1895G like I had before, and mounting a scout scope.

Let's see what was actually out of spec..............the gun or the rail.

XS Systems really got a great customer service.



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XS Sights is a fantastic company to deal with. I have spoke to Bo on a few occasions and he has been very helpful each time. I like their product a lot and will most likely be adding their dot sights for some of my pistols. My last interaction had me wanting to order some spare parts for my rails ( extra screws, pillars, and the like). I had fully intended to pay for the extra hardware but at the end of the order he said to just pay for the shipping and the parts were gratis. Doesn't get much better than that. :)
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