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This is one of my all time favorite dishes. I'll write in parentheses (where changing the ingredients would be a good idea).

one half pound of ground lamb

one half pound of gound sirloin (or whatever you want, I've also used pork and turkey)

season the meat with about two teaspoons kosher salt, a teaspoon or so each of fresh ground black pepper and paprika (sometimes I add some chili powder or cayenne, next time I'm going to use crushed red pepper flakes)

3 large cloves of fresh garlic, minced as finely as possible

one half of a small onion (I like cioppolini, but any kind will do), minced as finely as possible

sweat the garlic and oinion in a small amount of unsalted butter, then turn up the heat and brown the meat, try to keep the meat pieces as small as you can

place the still hot meat in a mixing bowl (now is a good time to remove as much grease as you can)

add 2 to 3 cups of a shredded tangy cheese, like swiss (or asiago, or parmesan, or as I recently discovered, manchengo)

add a half cup of bread crumbs, I use the Italian seasoned kind from Progresso, although any will work (like panko)

once the mixture cools enough to handle by hand, stuff whatever you want, I like baby portobellas, roma tomatoes, and orange bell peppers (the sky is the limit here, and the large portabellas make a meal by themselves)

place on a baking sheet (a layer of aluminum foil goes a long way in the cleaning process) and place approximatley 5 inches under a 375 to 400 degree broiler

cooking time will depend on how well you like your veggies done (or how far you cooked the meat mixture), be sure to leave enough time so the cheese on top melts to golden brown (you are going to add a topping of your favorite cheese, aren't you?) I like sharp white cheddar the best, but use "whatever trips your trigger" :lol:

Let cool to reasonable temperature and enjoy. I'm not kidding on this last bit. I will not be held responsible for burnt roofs of mouths! :wink:

I hope there aren't too many typos, as I don't feel like pre-editing this. :roll:

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