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I am working on this little gun for a friend. It has a little rust that needs attention, cleaned up. The problem is when I was breaking it down the screw for the hammer was bent, and I cannot seem to find any parts for the thing. I think it will go back together but I would rather fix it for him. Can anybody point me in a good direction.? (tried numrich and popperts obsolete gun parts couple others)



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Those single shot pistols were discontinued at the onset of WWII, but quite a few were made prior to that. They were a available in .22, .25, and .32 rim fire and there was even a .410 shotshell version.

Unfortunately, I have no source for parts beyond the normal obsolete gun parts dealers. Have you tried Dick Williams, They have come through for me in the past on hard to find parts. Be patient with them..they take some time to search but have always called me back once they find the part or have exhausted the search.

Good luck with your quest.

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