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Steel & Stone

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There is a very talented craftsman here in Michigan that works with antlers and native stone. Whether it's lamps using whitetail, elk, or moose antlers, to semi precious stone jewerly, or from drawer pulls and antler cribbage boards to custom cutlery, his execution is exquisite.

I recently had him work his lapidary magic on a Case knife and a Zippo lighter using some of my favorite stone, a Verde Marble found in the Marquette area of Michigan's Upper Penninsula. As usual, he didn't let me down...

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Roe thank you for posting this, your pictures are superb as I enjoy the idea of using semi precious stone for certain ornamental uses. I dabbled with the idea of using tiger eye and certain other semi precious stone for handgun grips also but found that recoil was a problem. The uses you chose are both great and came out really nice indeed.

Thanks Eric, MM...this isn't the first blade I've gotten from him with stonework. He did this Bark River fixed blade a couple of years ago with a combination of Petosky Stone and Kona Dolomite...

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Beautiful stuff! His work is above reproach, as you said.

Sad to say, but I had to look up "Lapidary". Apparently they don't use that one in crosswords much! At least I learned something today. Now I can go to bed happy. :)
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