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Started Shoot 32-20

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Does anyone have info on loading the 32-20. I have a modern Marlin 1894, and would like to load the 32-20 close to factory loads. I decided this is going to be my small game load. I love the rifle and the modern loads I have shot so far (all store bought ammo).

Thanks so much
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Hey there North-Woods -- I've had some pretty good results with a 120 grain Missouri Bullet Company (.com) cast bullet and from 4.5 to 5 grains of Unique. My newer Marlins seem to prefer the lighter loads and the old guy likes 5 grains of Unique. The Speer 115 grain 327 Federal Magnum jacketed hollow points work well too. They are .312" in diameter and pack a pretty good punch over 9.5 grains of 2400. Best regards. Wind
My marlin 32/20 is the octagon barrel CCL carbine 20 in barrel, I have only tried 2 loads so far, 7.6 grains of 2400 with a 115g rnfp is a nice mild and accurate load!
I'm new at reloading. I've only reloaded the 30-30 and 308. Having said that I want the 32-20 or the 25-20 to be my everday go to gun for small game and cans, etc. But I really would like to reload for the convenience and cost. I plan on using Remington brass and I not sure of the bullet. As I said earlier I'm happy with the factory loads, not trying to hot load.

Thanks for any and all info
I'm using 4.3 grs. Unique and a 118gr. lead RNFP .313 Bear Creek bullet for factory 32-20. I chrono'd and it's about 1200fps from rifle and 900fps from 4 inch revolver.
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