Like the title says.
I bought these 7mm-08 cartridge cases from MidwayUSA @$32. + Shipping + tax for a box of 50 count, they were still sealed in the box but had to open to check them out. I'll take $55 for the two boxes + $11. shipped

I bought a 1000 bulk box of Rem. 7mm-08 150gr. PSP C-L I sold off some but still have a lot more, $25 100 bullets.
My guess is I can put 200 pieces of Rem. 7mm-08 150gr. PSP C-L in the same $11. Small Flat Rate Priority box with the 100 pieces of brass.

If you are wondering why I'm selling these items, is that I give my son the rifle and he rather buy ammo.

The first to say I'll take it wins the sale followed by a PM to work out the details.