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I thought I would do a post with some great values in Spotting Scopes. These are all limited quantities, at greatly reduced prices.


#40132 Leica Televid APO 65 Angled w/ 25-50x Eyepiece Show Sample/Display Unit only $2399.99, reduced from $2999.99

#40107 APO-Televid 62 with #41012 16-48x Zoom Eyepiece New with Passport Warranty only $1899.99, reduced from $2825.00

Kruger Optical made some spotting scopes for Columbia Sportswear. Evidently, Columbia are not an optics retailer and decided to stick with clothing. We purchased these a couple of months ago in a large quantity and have been selling them since. The feedback on them has been most favorable. These are from Kruger Opticals regular line, just packaged in Columbia Sportswear boxes.
This is a wonderful opportunity to get some good optics super cheap.

#53301 15-45x60 Spotting Scope only $149.99 reduced from $369.95

#54301 15-45x60 Malheur Spotting Scope only $179.99 reduced from $419.95

Vortex Spotting Scope Deals:
We still have inventory on the following Vortex Skyline Spotting Scope 2010 Close-Out Specials. These are new items, that are not in their 2011 lineup.

Skyline 20-60x80mm Straight only $299.99, reduced from $429.99. Included Table Top Tripod.

Skyline 20-60x80mm ED Straight only $449.99, reduced from $729.99

Minox Spotting Scope Deals:

We have received a nice selection of open box Minox Spotting Scopes from recent trade shows at VERY reduced prices. This presents a wonderful opportunity to get a great deal on a high quality spotter. These are all in as new condition with case, caps and full warranty. Please feel free to call Doug or Neil @ 212-753-5128 with any questions.

#62226 MD-50 Straight Spotting Scope @ $189.99, reduced from $299.99

#62225 MD-50 Angled Spotting Scope @ $189.99 reduced from $299.99

#62210 MD-62 Straight with Minox #62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece only $399.99, reduced from $848.00.

#62212 MD-62 ED Straight with Minox #62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece only $699.99, reduced from $1048.00.

#62213 MD-62 W ED Angled with Minox #62300 20-45x Zoom Eyepiece only $699.99, reduced from $1098.00.

All the Swarovski Spotting Scopes are still reduced in price from their Anniversary Sale promotion. Please give a call to discuss which would be best for you.

Thanks for all the support we receive.
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