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Thawed out some squirrel from last fall. (I freeze 'em in water - really eliminates freezer burn.). After simmering to get 'em tender, dipped in a cornmeal/flour batter and deep-fried in the cast iron skillet. As we were eating my son said, "Glad we shoot squirrels with .22's." Fellow MO members will be glad to know I reminded him, "Yes, and mine is a 39A and you don't get it 'till I'm dead!" He just grinned . . .


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Looks good OP! I haven't hunted tree rats in 10 years or so, mostly because I'm the only one here that will eat them.

You're missing out, Man!

My fondest memories of where all my hunting started out is
squirrel hunting with my Dad.
I'm 47 now and that would have been in the late 70's.
He gave me a clip-fed Stevens bolt 4-10, and would set me
up in a good spot and walk down the creek a ways.
I still recall hitting that red rubber squeeker and waiting.
How it made me feel to get 2 or 3 on my own.
And my grand mother making stew, or dumplins...oh how
that sweet smell filled up the house.
I started hunting behind terrier dogs several years ago...
That is a whole different experience, and even more exciting.
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