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Some sources for front posts and beads for you aperture sight users.

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I have Williams FP aperture sights on all my Marlins. All have needed a taller front sight.

I replaced my front sights with a post sight from Skiinner and they work great.

However, many like the front bead. I found some front bead sights of varying heights available from Marlbes Sight. If I'd have found them sooner, I'd probably have a bead on my 336 30/30.

Thought I'd pass this on in the event one of you fine folks are getting ready to set up your iron sights. ;D
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Call XS Sight Systems as the ones I order do not appear in their catalog.

I get them with a standard tritium dot in the bead for $60 + $8 shipping.

.375 x 60 degree x .095 dovetail Standard Dot Tritium .350 H, .340 base part number 10-2008B-350-H. You can get other heights, call and talk with them about what are your options.

Use that size on my 366's in 35 Remington with leaf rear and Williams 5D apeature sights.
The Midway catalog contains several pages of front and rear sight options for rifles.

Various tang and receiver sights from Marble, Lyman and Williams, and buckhorn & semi buck horn rear sights from a variety of makers.

Front sights include bead sights of various heights and diameter, made by Marble, Williams and Lyman. Beads of ivory, brass, and various colored glowing plastic.

Midway carries some blades, including Brockman, but does not carry the XS front sight. YOu'll need to check Brownells for them, or another vendor
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brownells have a good range, I put williams firesights on my marlins. very easy to pick up, like you I also had to get taller front sights. took a while to sort out but once done very happy.
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