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Not everyone is "Media" paralyzed ... Attended a gun show this weekend.

Doors opened at 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning. Waiting line outside the venue at 8:50 was long ...

The show sponsors did their due responsibility ... hand sanitizers everywhere, social distancing notices, directional flow arrows on the floor, signs posted suggesting wearing masks, list of precautions to take posted on the walls and on stands and reminders on the speaker systems throughout the day. All of the usual "protect thine own azz" announcements had been done in the radio advertising prior to the show.

30 minutes after they opened the doors the floor was packed. This is a large facility. It was full all day long on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday morning was slow as always but more lookers than on a normal show Sunday ... No imposed % of Capacity restrictions, No one followed the Arrows, no one worried one iota about social distancing, hugs and hand shakes everywhere among old friends meeting ... very very few masks worn, people eating walking up and down the isles, strollers - baby carriers - and pulled wagons with kids everywhere, a very noticeable gender mix - lots of couples young and old and a large number of Trump support Hats and shirts.

This show was being held in a town 20 miles away from a town where the mayor was wanting to impose a new "masks to be worn at all times by everyone everywhere in public" on Monday following this weekend show ... which by the way got shot down by the City Council in a 5-1 vote.

It was a fun gathering and a great time ... We need more sanity like this among our leaders.
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