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Skinner Tactical FRONT Sight....

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First glance here... I have a couple refinements in mind but the basic sight is working GREAT.

Wings... Check

Adjustable and replaceable front post.... Check

In production soon... . Check


We also have the standard Skinner "TACTICAL" sights for the 95/336 and the 94's available in STAINLESS now...
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Looks good!
Man that looks really good!
I gotta hand it to ya Parson! You are always comin up with something new and giving us what we want! Those should sell like crazy! I wish I could see well enough to use a peep! I might have to get one just cuz it looks cool on the end of the barrel! 8)
I like all of 'em, the work is beautiful just like everything else you make Parson. Are ya gona make 'em in black and gold to match that magnificent rear sight ya have?
Yep... Black N Gold is in the works.. :)
a couple of questions regarding the tactical front sight... are they windage adjustable? and also can the blade be removed to file down for elevation? i know on the website it says variable height from .500 to .425 but can you file for lower if need be?
Fronts are not windage adjustable but the post is threaded for vertical adjustment. I'd say you could lower it another 1/8th of an inch by taking some off the bottom of the post itself. If you wanted to experment I could also send along a threaded stem un cut for the blade.
That front sight looks awesome!! I currently have the Skinner Tactical rear sight on my 336, now I need to upgrade my front sight.
Nice job on your sights, never saw one in the flesh, but they look well made. One thing I would like to see, and it's just me being picky, you guys might have different preference. I would like to see the ears flared out a little, not so much as the Brockman sight, just a couple of degrees...
Looking pretty good. I need to save up for front and rear to fit the '95. Protective ears have always sounded like a smart thing on all rough country rifles.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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