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Skinner Sight for a .338 MXLR???

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Hey Gang,
I'm looking to put a skinner express sight on my .338 MXLR. Will I need to change my front sight? I am currently hitting high with the factory rear bottomed out(4" at 50yards). Has anyone tried the any skinner sights on a .338mxlr? Just looking for a some advise for the best skinner set up for this rifle. I am set on not putting a scope on this rifle. The skinner express looks like the perfect ticket. Thanks for any info!
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My 338MXLR has an express sight on it and at 25 yards with the factory front sight it was hitting 4" high with LeverEvolution ammo. I haven't built a front for mine yet, (trying to get all my customers front sights made first) but I'm predicting needing about a .450" tall front.

I didn't shoot it with the factory rear sight so there is no reference to work from there.

The sight picture is amazing however and accuracy was one ragged hole. (only 25 yards though)

Hope that helps!

Thanks so much Andy, I'll be ordering the express sight shorty. Now the only hard part is whether to go with the stainless or the black ;D. I love that .338 and I will be sure to post an update. Thanks again.
Hello Tac,

My 338 MXLR sports a Solid Brass Skinner "EXPRESS" at the moment. Its a bit "Blingy" with the GOLD / SILVER combo but some folks say they are beautiful together. I think solid stainless looks the most natural and of course Blue looks like the front ramp so there is no discrepency there.

Picture posted:

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