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Thought I would leave some positive feedback on my experience with Skinner sights.

I started shooting my Great Grandfather's 1949 Marlin 336 .30-30 again. I got my first 2 deer with it 20 years ago and it has been sitting in the gun cabinet unused since then.

I've never been a huge fan of the factory sight picture so I put a Lyman 56la on it. Even with the Lyman adjusted down as far as it would go I was still shooting about 6" high at 50 yards using the original gold bead sight (with standard Federal 150gr rounds). After talking to Andy, I ordered a Skinner front sight 0.460" high to go on the original front sight ramp. Skinner measures their sights from the top of the sight to the bottom of the dovetail.

It takes a little work with a file to get it to fit. Instructions are on the skinner website. Once installed I was able to get the old Lyman to sight in perfectly. The front sight is tall enough that I could even file some height off the top of it but have no plans to do that currently.

The best thing is that my patterns are tighter now too. The skinner front sight allows me to shoot this old 336 much more accurately. At 100 yards shooting out of the back of my pickup, 3 shots would fall under a 50 cent piece. Works for me!

The customer service and product from Skinner sights is top notch!

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