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Hey guys,

Just wanted to give another thumbs up to Skinner Sights customer service. About a month ago I ordered a sight and a .500 front sight for my Marlin 336y. They shipped that same day and arrived in Houston two days later. Amazingly fast shipping. On top off that the new peep sight is stellar and is more accurate than the 3-9 scope I had mounted.

Last night I ordered a front sight for my Rossi 92 but was hesitant on ordering the barrel mounted peep. Well this morning I decided to go ahead and order the peep. About an hour later I got an email saying they had refunded the shipping for the first order and shipped everything together. I though that was pretty neat. I'm sure I will be just as pleased with my 92 setup as I am with my 336. Awesome people, awesome product.

If any of you are debating whether or not to try a Skinner I highly recommend it.

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