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Skinner brass peep for my 1894CB .45LC

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1895 Brass Peep - first thoughts...
« on: Yesterday at 07:43:21 PM »

I ordered online a Brass 1894 peep sight for a .45LC which I received in just a few days. Easy mount after I found the right Allen wrench tips.

I'm adjusting from 40 years of mostly shotgun "shooting flying" and open sight/scope .22 rifle or revolver and at my age, dovetail sights are not the sharpest picture.

range time- 25 yards - dead on cowboy loads, high and higher with regular Winchesters and Hornady Lever-pepper-uppers.
50 yards- little low Cowboys, good and better with Winnies and Hornadys.
100 yds.- Cowboys-looked like a 6-8 " high hold to get towards a 4" group. Hornadys most promising -two groups of three less than 3".
Winnies in between.
Don't "stain" any of the ammo on my account, I need a lot of practice...I will be hunting hogs and deer with the Hornady poly-tips. One harvest on the rifle with this ammo already...more range time...
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I'll bet it looks sexy. Did you get the front post, also?
No, I am being cheap at the moment and the initial trips to the range showed that it was much help to my eyes. I am thinking about the need for light gathering front sight. We'll see..
Here is an option for the front sight 3/8 dovetail. I put it on my Henry 22 and really like it. The crosshairs are only .01" thick..

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eagle nest ,
How would that front KNS duplex sight work along with a rear peep sight?
newfie bullet
newfie bullet said:
eagle nest ,
How would that front KNS duplex sight work along with a rear peep sight?
newfie bullet
I think it would work great. I would get the right aperture insert on the peep so the outside of the front sight just fills it with a ring of light around it so there would be no guessing when it is lined up.
That's a wild looking front sight.

I stuck with the brass bead on my gun for now. I have been thinking about a bead size filament sight to help in low light shooting.
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