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six baby mice

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Some years back while cleaning out the trunk of our car, I found a nest of baby mice. Wanting to also remove the mother, I decided to put them in a gallon milk jar. A small stick was leaned up against the jar so the adult mouse could get to the top of the jar and jump in to get to her babies. I figured she would get in and be unable to get out. When I returned, all of the babies were gone. Never figured the mouse could jump straight up that high, or scale the inside of the jar to get out. How would you figure she got them all out?
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Plasic milk jug??? Mice can grab that kind of plastic with their claws and climb...

Had a mouse in my classroom many years ago that the Class nicknamed Houdini. That mouse could make a 24 in. minimum vertical leap, would hang by it's front claws and work it's way along the edge of the glass covering the fish tank we had it in...and then walk a balance beam act along the edge of the glass over to an opening in the lid and squeeze its way out. To make matters more interesting, it would then leap from the counter down to the floor. That would be like you taking a leap off of a 75 foot cliff and walking away. My guess is that she took them into her mouth and leaped out. Although I found the comment that they could climb out of a plastic jug to be at first improbable, I got to thinking that, no, I bet they could. ;D
Thats pretty funny, I had a rat named Houdini also. He was the male to my breeding rats when I was raising them for food for my Owls. He came and went as he pleased.. I had cages from the zoo that they used to raise feeder rats and mice in, but that didn't matter. I was never able to keep him in. he would come back to eat and he would break into each females cage at the appropriate time. He would also come when I called him although I never knew what direction he would come from. I kept the rats in an old boiler house and he lived like that for 4 years.
I'm guessing that somewhere nearby lived a grateful snake. ::)
No he actually died in a females cage. I'm not sure but I think he was smiling. ;)
The milk JAR was a glass gallon jar with a small mouth. That would require a straight vertial jump, or inverted climb up and over to access the mouth of the glass Jar. I suppose a vertical jump, but she would have to be very determined, because she was successful six times.
Whaat about the possibility that the mother did not get them out, but something else maybe did. Maybe a snake, or something else ?? Just thinking out loud here ???
Used to raise mice for snake food, she took each one straight up and out no problem.
I use to catch mice in a live trap for the boa constrictor in high school. I would keep them in a 33 gallon trash can. They almost could jump out ot so I put the lid on it.
You ought to see one jump when you shoot at it with 22's! :eek:

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