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I did a major over haul of my boat this spring to include a new outboard, controls, gauges and electronics.
I use the boat for pleasure cruising, scuba diving and fishing. The boat is used in saltwater/ocean. For the electronics I bought a Simrad multi function display package to include GPS/charts, Radar and fish finder/sonar.

The transducer for the fish finder has 3 sensors in it and functions on various frequencies. It is capable of 3-D images of the bottom which are quite amazing for finding fish structure and diving locations. It exceeded my expectations especially for ocean use where there are a lot of thermal-clines and deep water use.

The display is 12 inches on the diagonal and is a touch screen which works well with wet bloody fingers. Lol. The display can be run with just one function on the screen or as many as you like, Chart/Radar/depth etc.

8692E55E-D153-43DD-A60B-96588113187B.jpeg A3DC1655-9490-4131-A906-EECAE9C0D813.jpeg F2AC86AA-59FB-4592-A165-D3E07CFA57A5.jpeg
Two schools of bait. Chart/side scan/fish. Side scan left & right side of boat.

Love the unit so far, has met/exceed my expectations.
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