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Spent a couple of hours on the range with Dad the day after Christmas. Very nice time! I grew up shooting with him, but times are few and far between now when we get to go shoot together.

We went out to the silhouette range. I hadn't shot those steel critters before. Fun! We only shot the pigs (300 meters) and the rams (500 meters) and just had a blast.

Dad brought out his 6.5mm '98 Sweedish Mauser with the original aperture sights. He handloads this with Sierra 140's at a mild 2700 fps. Very accurate old rifle. Shooting prone, resting the rifle over a sandbag, Dad had no trouble knocking down 10 pigs at 300 meters with 11 shots and did real well on the 500 meter line too. I didn't keep track of the 500 meter score, we were too busy laughing and talking.

I found that century old military rifle to be remarkably accurate and easy to shoot.

After we played with that, I hauled out the .308 Model 70 match rifle, assumed my best prone position and had at those pigs and rams. Had to make a few sight adjustments to get on target, but it was an absolute hoot to fire, then wait a second and watch 'em topple. The .308 with 155 grain match loads from a 30" barrel was a superb silhouette gun once I had the right elevation dialed in. Took the rams from prone and the pigs rapid fire from sitting. What a blast!

I know the real silhouette shooters play this game shooting from the standing position, but Dad and I had a great day on the range, slamming steel for a couple of hours. Will have to get back out there and try it again.

Regards, Guy
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