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Shot my 1895 GBL for the first time today!

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Wow what a great weapon and caliber. I took a chance and picked up a remlin from GB and I was blown away with the finish and function of it. It was assembled at the NY plant for sure but has the old CT markings on the barrel minus the JM proof. It has a MR serial as well. I was really nervous after reading all the negative comments on here and I'm so relieved that so far this rifle is exactly what I hoped it would be. The only tweaking I had to do was with the extractor as it was so tight that it wasn't chambering a round/locking the bolt forward or extracting the round. All I needed to do was bend it slightly a few times and that did the trick. The wood on this thing is beautiful and I couldn't find any "man handling" marks on it anywhere. I can't wait to take it back to the range.
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That's great. I'm glad you got a good one. Welcome to MO. ;D
Glad you got a good one, I wanted one bad but couldn't talk myself in to it with all the problems we keep hearing about. If I can find one local and can check it out I may take a chance also.Congrats on the new rifle keep us posted on the range reports.
I hope it shoots as good as it looks. What more can you ask for?
That's great news Troy. So glad it worked out for you. I am sure you are going to enjoy that gun.
Good news Troy :) I too like my GBL.
Welcome to MO :)
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