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Shooting lead and jacketed in same session?

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Hi Guys.

Don't know where to put this subject but here it goes :-\

I would want to know if I can shoot lead and jacketed bullets in the same sesion without cleaning?

I was told to never shoot jacketed bullets after shooting lead, the barrel should be cleaned first.

If i would like to shoot both on one day it in better to shoot the jacketed first and only then the lead.

Does this make sense or can I should as I wish ??? ???


Peet in SA
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Re: Shooting lead and jacketed in same sesion?

Interesting. ??? I too have hard that one should thoroughly clean when switching from lead to copper and from copper to lead. I din't know that until I started reading gun rag. :-[ ::) ::) ::) Maybe it's because I'm a lot better shot now than way back when I didn't know any better. ::) I did note in one article by Mike venturino that he thought is really didn't make any fifference. At one time, we even though that shooting a few jacketed bullets through the barrel after a session with cast bullets would "get the lead out." ::) ::) ::) Now we all know that that just irond the lead into the pores of the barrel's steel. :( On a very badly leaded barrel, shooting jacketed could and had risen pressures to the point that a gun was damaged.
The best and quickest way to remove lead from a barrel it to tightly plug the muzzle and fill the bore with mercury. Wait about five minutes and drain the mercury from the barrel, then run a tight patch though the bore. Whalla, no more lead. ;D 8) Problem is the EPA frowns on us peons owning mercury. :mad: Big freak out should you spill one little drop. So now we use smelly solvent that don't do squat and scrub away although wrapping a few strands from a Chore Boy pad does wonders for the process. Still, mercury was quick and easy to use. I kind of miss having that stuff around to "get the lead out". It worked.
Usually, if I plan to shoot lead ullets, that's all I take and the reverse if planning to shoot jacketed bullets. The other alternative is to take more than one rifle or handgun depending on what I feel like shooting.
Paul B.
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