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As we load our hyphenated rounds
We have thoughts of joy that abounds

To look out yonder at the distant dinger
For throughout the year that thought will linger

Cleaning that old rifle just one more time
Makes us feel it will shoot a straighter line

Looking forward to seeing Wind and Cleat
And all the others is always a treat

Yet missing those that cannot show
We’ll be thinking of them as we go

Shall we hoist our Moose Drool high
To all our Brother Marlin Owners here and nigh

For we are here to appreciate the gift from our forefathers
And to the soldiers that have fought and died not thinking of the bother

So let us have that wonderful time together
To go and shoot in the beautiful Washington weather


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Yup, Honorary Poet Laureate of the Annual U-Pick Sagebrush Ranch Happenz!!

Good stuff, Gare!
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