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Sears Model 5

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Does anyone here own a Sears Model 5 22lr rifle? I've got a chance to buy one. Listed price is about $210, IIRC, but experience with this shop suggests the guy will come down to probably $175 or so OTD. The gun is a bit dirty, and has some bumps and bruises, but it appears to function perfectly. Very smooth action. I'm mostly interested in using it for squirrels. Anyone have any information about these rifles? I guess they were made by Winchester, but that's not what I'm asking. I mean, are they accurate? Am I likely to have catastrophic failures of irreplacable parts? Any input is appreciated!
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Hm. Looks like I'll have to buy it and report on accuracy myself. ;D
Did you end up purchasing this rifle? I just picked one up today for $75. Searching shows it's the same as a Winchester model 150. :)
Sorry, I missed your question earlier. I was offline for much of the spring. I did not wind up buying the rifle. The shop owner more or less wouldn't budge on the price, and I thought it was too much. But I'd have jumped on it for $75! How does yours shoot?
The rifle shoots well. One thing I have noticed with the 22lr lever actions is that the lever seems to be kinda short, and it isn't the most comfortable to run with your full hand in the loop, like, say a 1985 or 1894. Just need to shoot it more and see what works best.
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