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Scout scope on my 1892 hybrid

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I bought this 1892/39A hybrid last year. I found out the receiver on back was made in 1901 with everything foward of the receiver replaced with 39A parts. I tried the open sights and later a Skinner peep in place of the rear sight but I really wanted to put a scope on it. I guess I am just used to them now considering every rifle I own has one. But I didn't want to D&T the receiver for a scope mount even though the rifle probably has no real value to it. I ended up buying a scope base from Taurus made for their Model 62. By filing the anchor to fit the rear sight slot and rebluing it I made it work without modifying the rifle. Although there is only one screw holding it on it is very tight probably because it uses the curvature of the bottom of base and the barrel to achieve a good anchor. I then had to pick a scout scope but was happy to read Eli Chaps review of the NC Star pistol scopes used as a scout scope. This seemed to fit the bill because I really didn't want to sink a lot of money on this project in case I was dissapointed. So an order to Optics Planet for a 2x7 NC Star pistol scope for $44.00 and this is the end result. Overall I'm pretty happy with it. I have sighted it in at 50 yards with CCI subsonic hollow points and have been pleased with the results. I know this won't be for everyone but I am throwing it out there as an alternative for those older rifles and older folks :).
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That's realy cool.Where there is a will,there is a way.I put an old Marlin No.2 scope (1935-1940)on my Marlin model 20 using the holes for the Hepburn receiver sight and a Unertl "K" scope base in the rear sight slot.Works great.


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