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Scope opinions wanted - 989 ( Old 60 )

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Just finished doing a tear down and am now focusing on the OLD! Micro Vue 4x -3/4 " tube - scope... It's not clear and I want a new one.

I will be using this for plinking, & varmint shooting under 50-75 yards.

No variable scope - I think I want another 4x.

Any opinions ?
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I have had a straight 4x Bushnell banner on my model 70 for 25 years or so. Right size, no complaints. At the time nobody put a 1 inch tube on a 22. The mounts cost me more than the scope. Yours is older yet, I think. You can find an old Weaver "D" on e-bay from time to time. I have one with a 3/4 inch tube (4X) that would probably look good (circa 1973 or so). Make sure you get rings with the scope. You cant just go out and by 3/4 in mounts any more. Post a pic if ya can. Dont know why LEupold dosent come out with a steel tube, blued straight 4,6x. Guy would think they'd sell fast enough. CL
Any other opinions. Looking to get a scope and want opinions from experienced people.
Well, I personally believe that what you see when you look THROUGH the scope is far mor important than what you see when you look AT the scope. With that thought in mind, I toss out any ideas about size, shape, and color and then just look for the best scope for the job.

A marlin 60 offers fine accuracy, and is suitable for hunting or range use.

With that use established, you want a scope that can be used at low power for hunting, at high power for accurate target work, and has good clear optics that will work in poor light.

Oh, and you want it at a good price too.

Am I barking up the right tree here? :D

For my model 60, I chose the Mueller APV. It's a 4.5-14X40 AO.

That translates into a scope that will work at four and 1/2 power for shooting squirrels out of trees, can be turned up to fourteen power for target work and long shots, has a 40 millimeter front lens that works good in minimal light, and has adjustable parallax so it's in focus regardless of range.

Here's a pic of mine-

I've been super satisfied with this scope. It's as clear as my Leupold VX1, has excellent repeatable adjusters, Stays where I put it, and has just done what it's supposed to do for a couple years now.

It's this scope-

You won't find a better scope anywhere near that price. You can find a cheaper scope, but it won't work anywhere near as well.

That scope sells for $130 here-
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I have a old Bushnell 3x9 on my 989 M2.
Works just fine for what ever I do with it..
One fun plinker!!!! ;D ;D ;D
Thx. I like a straight 4x, and I'd like to keep the exit view at 28-32mm ( 32 is absolutely the max for my liking ).

My original Marlin 4x scope does not slide back enough to my eye - the scopes 'adjusters' are in the way of allowing me to slide the scope back.

I do like the look of the pea shooter type scope. Don't even know what the mm is on my Marlin scope.
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