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Did some Research today & Came Up with a List of Scope Bases that Will Fit the MR-7.

For Weaver Type Rings
Most Common are the Aluminum Weaver #46 (48046) and #47 (48047)
Next are the Steel Warne Maxima M902 & M924 (Lower than the Weaver Bases)
The Best are the Steel Burris 41065 X or XTB (Made in the USA)

Recommended Rings for these Bases:
Weaver 1" Med. Black Matte Top Mount Scope Rings #49196 (Alum. & Made in China)
Or Better: Weaver Grand Slam Steel Top Mount Scope Rings 1" Med Matte Black #49303 (.188")
Best: Burris 1" Zee Rings Med. Ht. Black Matte #420084
or Burris 1" Zee Scope Rings Med. Gloss Blk. #420081

Dovetail Bases & Rings
Burris 2 pc Bases: #410294 Matte Black Winchester Short & Long Action
Burris 1" Med. Ht. Steel Universal Dovetail Rings Matte Black #420052 (Fits Leupold Bases)
(All Burris Products Are Made right here in the USA!)
Also, All Leupold Dovetail Bases & Rings for Win M70 Will Fit the MR-7.

These Bases & Rings will Accommodate Most Scopes Up To 44mm Obj.
If you Plan on using a Compact Scope w/ an Objective Smaller than 40mm........
You Will Probably Need a Set of Low Mount Rings & the Warne Bases (Lowest in the List)

Right Now, I am Using the Cheap Weaver Alum Bases & Med Rings to Mount a Vortex Crossfire II 4-12 X 44, on My MR-7. We'll See how they Hold Up to Hornady Superperformance .270WIN & Handloads!
Got my Eye on the Burris Steel 2 pc. Dovetail Bases & Rings!

Hope This List is Helpful,

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Let me highly recommend the DNZ game reapers! Just replaced my leupold dovetails and never looking back. IMG_0740.JPG
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