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Savage 99 EG value

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Just had a question for you guys/gals that look at a lot of Savage 99's

My father has had a hankering for one for some time and I think I found a decent "shooter" in .300 with an asking price of $499. It has a 1936 date of manufacture and the bluing is all there but appears dull - no rust or pitting. Non-checkered version with smooth wood and the wood has quite a bit of handling marks. Schnabel forend with original butt plate that has some pitting/patina. No cracks at the tang and no extra receiver holes which really attracted me and has the original buckhorn sight. Locks up real tight and the bore is excellent.

Anyway, I know the EG is the most common model but would like to know if this is a fair price for, what seems to be, a pretty solid "shooter". I understand values vary by region but, on the whole, would this be an average price for a common model?

Thank you for any comments. ;)
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Good price... grab it!
LT said:
Good price... grab it!
I agree.
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