This is a Savage 1899A
Short Rifle, a fairly uncommon model of 1899.
Manufactured in 1920, the last year of production for 1899's before they Changed to plain Model 99's.
This one retains 70- 80 percent blue, 90 + of its original wood finish and 80% or more of the case coloring on the lever.
It is a Takedown Model
Chambered for 303 Savage.
Has a 22 inch Heavy Barrel
With a mint Chamber and Bore. Bore slugged at .308, and it shoots that diameter bullets with great accuracy.
I have never done worse than
MOA with any bullet weight from a rest.
And it will deliver 1/2 MOA with the 190 grain Barnes originals and the right load.
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From personal experience i can attest to the killing capability of the 303 loaded with these bullets.
More than a few deer and hogs have bit the dust to prove it over the years.
Factory 190 grain Silvertips do nearly as well, although they are expensive when you find them.
This rifle seems to prefer the heavier bullets.
It is the most accurate 1899 in this caliber that I have ever found, and I have had 11 1899's and 99's over the years since 1970, and 8 of those were 303's.
It has the correct original sights, and I added a period correct Lyman Windage adjustable Tang Sight.
It took me 9 years to find this sight, and an outlay of $450,
as they are about as common as Hens Teeth.
The Tang Sight flips down to allow you to use the barrel mounted sights. Or flip it up if you prefer the Tang. I do, and it works perfectly even with my older eyes.
It has a recoil pad installed.
I would say it is period correct as well, and is in great shape for its age. Makes this a very pleasant rifle to shoot, as the 303 Savage really doesn't require a recoil pad.
I have a fair amount of ammo,brass, and dies, which we can discuss if you are interested.
All in all a Truly Nice example of a fine Savage Takedown Rifle.
I should mention that the Takedown mechanism works perfectly, and the sights always return to proper alignment. That goes for the Tang Sight as well.
I really thought I would never sell this rifle, but health issues tell me that I should do so now, rather than let the in laws give it away later for a song.
$1450 is actually $100 less than I have in the rifle and tang sight.
You may find a prettier one but I doubt seriously that you will ever find a better one.
I can take more photos if anyone desires them.
$1450 shipped
First I'll take it followed by P.M wins.
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